Happy To Lend A Helping Hand


Proud to lend a helping hand to Die Hard Eric and MassillonProud.com

Special note:  Your old massillon.com or massillonproud .com login will not work, this is a new forum, you'll have to register again

Email system fixed.  

Update: (4/13/14)  Looks like the servers that hosted the forums at MP.com are taking their final gasps.  According to the same source that helped get them back up temporarily, the servers were active but had no cooling and likely burnt up from the heat.  So I'd expect access to be on and off and 4/17/15 at noon gone for good.

However you can still access MassillonProud (Except the forums) at http://proud.massillon.com 

Update: (4/10/2015 1:30pm) MP.com is temporarily back up and running because a company graciously turned back on the servers to allow places like MP.com to get their data back....

JTL was a customer of Cogent. Its Internet service was turned off by Cogent for non-payment, which Cogent tried to resolve with JTL over some period of time without success. Cogent has been unable to contact any representative of JTL. On Friday April 10, 2015 Cogent temporarily restored service to JTL's servers in an effort to help JTL's customers recover their data. As Cogent does not know who JTL's customers are we are unable to contact them directly or offer assistance in data recovery. Cogent's only connection was to provide Internet service to JTL. We know nothing about JTL's hosting business. Cogent will discontinue service to JTL on April 17, 2015 at noon eastern time.

THAT is the service that MP.com paid to host the data for MP.com.  I am of the utmost confidence that Eric and MP.com paid JTL what he owed them...  Just seems JTL wasn't doing what they needed to do and by all accounts they are gone and out of business.

Update: (4/10/2015)  DHE has announced via the massillonproud facebook and twitter that MP will no longer be hosting forums.  So we will have the Massillon.com forums open to the public to join and will keep them up long term.

Also...  We have created a subdomain for you to be able to access the homepage and content (non-forum content, all forum stuff appears to be gone at this point) until Eric can get Massillonproud.com redirected and back up and running, you can access that homepage which he still can update and work on at..


That link will take you to the blogspot page that Massillonproud.com used as their homepage


Well...  such is the nature of the internet.  Sometimes hosts and servers just make us pull our hair out.  We are happy to help out and host the conversations of MP members and help find a solution for MP.com to bring everything in Tigertown back to a happy normal again.  Until then, feel free to register and post in our forums.  DHE is an admin and as they join the regular mods will be added too.  So hopefully our temporary fix will feel like home and give everyone time until this can get figured out properly and permanently.


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