This website as you know it will be moving to

This website will be moving to

I will be reopening registrations after the move.

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Massillon's Hospital has a new, company, to

After months of negotiations and three final bidders... apparently it's 2 guys who recently started a company based out of a UPS store mailbox that won the hearts and minds of our council.... See out twitter feed for some of the details. Forgive me if this doesn't look like another Aqua Park/Arena/Casino/Amusement Park. This company was apparently founded July 25th and is headquartered at a mailbox at a UPS store.

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Week 2 Scores

Massillon 49
GlenOak 0

--------- Tiger Opponent Results ---------

StVStM W (1-1)
St V 35 Walsh Jesuit 0

Warren  W (1-1)
WGH 40 Rhodes 0

Montclair L (0-1)
Montclair 16 West Orange 26

Firestone  L (0-2)
Firestone 0 Copley 28

Fitch W (2-0)
Fitch 15 Erie PA 8

East St Louis (1-1)
ESL 32 Trinity Catholic 26 (3ot)

Sun Valley W (2-0)
Sun Valley 35 West Moreland 0

Louisville L (0-2)
Louisville 14 Hoover 30

McKinley W (2-0)
Mck 31 Buchtel 6

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Review of WHS-TV Livestream

I watched the livestream of the St V game last and here is my opinion.
  • Cameras & Angles.  Nicely done. 3-4 cameras including field level. A nice mix of long, medium and close-up. Each snap and ensuing play was done was in sort of a medium-close focus that showed the O & D formations and the following action.
  • Replays. Yes, they had a few replays and they were mixe...

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Week 1 Scores

Massillon 35
Akron StV 7

--------- Tiger Opponent Results ---------

GlenOak L (0-1)
GlenOak 10 Whitmer 41

Warren L (0-1)
WGH 14 Mck 28


Firestone L (0-1)
Firestone 0 Wadsworth 63

Fitch W (1-0)
Fitch 20 Hudson 9

East St Louis
ESL - Detroit King -

Sun Valley W (1-0)
Sun Valley 54 Penncrest 13

Louisville L (0-1)
Louisville 14 Canfield 21

McKinley W (1-0)
Mck 28 WGH 14

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