Tigers Live Stream 2019

The Tigers home games will be live streamed again this year.  WHS students, under the supervision of teachers, produce the content and they do a very credible job.  There are geographic restrictions, but if you are remote from Massillon and would like see the games, click below:


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This website as you know it will be moving to beatmckinley.com

This website will be moving to beatmckinley.com


I will be reopening registrations after the move.

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Massillon's Hospital has a new, company, to

After months of negotiations and three final bidders... apparently it's 2 guys who recently started a company based out of a UPS store mailbox that won the hearts and minds of our council.... See out twitter feed http://www.twitter.com/massilloncom for some of the details. Forgive me if this doesn't look like another Aqua Park/Arena/Casino/Amusement Park. This company was apparently founded July 25th and is headquartered at a mailbox at a UPS store.


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Week 2 Scores

Massillon 49
GlenOak 0

--------- Tiger Opponent Results ---------

StVStM W (1-1)
St V 35 Walsh Jesuit 0

Warren  W (1-1)
WGH 40 Rhodes 0

Montclair L (0-1)
Montclair 16 West Orange 26

Firestone  L (0-2)
Firestone 0 Copley 28

Fitch W (2-0)
Fitch 15 Erie PA 8

East St Louis (1-1)
ESL 32 Trinity Catholic 26 (3ot)

Sun Valley W (2-0)
Sun Valley 35 West Moreland 0

Louisville L (0-2)
Louisville 14 Hoover 30

McKinley W (2-0)
Mck 31 Buchtel 6

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Review of WHS-TV Livestream

I watched the livestream of the St V game last and here is my opinion.
  • Cameras & Angles.  Nicely done. 3-4 cameras including field level. A nice mix of long, medium and close-up. Each snap and ensuing play was done was in sort of a medium-close focus that showed the O & D formations and the following action.
  • Replays. Yes, they had a few replays and they were mixe...

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